About Us

Volunteer Southern Africa offers people the opportunity to explore Southern Africa as more than a tourist – our volunteers become immersed in the people, animals, and beautiful lifestyle. Our program provides an environmentally responsible, and incredibly affordable working holiday.

Now more than ever, it’s Africa’s time to rise. Volunteering while traveling enables you to thoroughly experience the majesty of the tip of Africa. You are part of rehabilitating the incredibly precious environment while enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime holiday filled with adventure. You are getting the best of Africa.

Volunteering with Volunteer Southern Africa is the chance to experience the vibrant energy of southern Africa in its natural environment while giving back in the most exciting way possible.

With more than a decade of experience in bringing global tourists to Africa, the dedicated team at Volunteer Southern Africa has all of your requirements covered and is ready and equipped to answer all of your questions. We understand the inherent concerns that accompany hopping on an airplane to Africa, so we’ve carefully designed our programs to ensure our volunteers are looked after, happy, and safe.

A credible organization, Volunteer Southern Africa created the infrastructure of our projects to make volunteers like you feel secure from the moment you book the trip of a lifetime. For safety assurance, we provide:

  • icon_airportTransfer to and from the relevant airport.
  • icon_person_orange On-site volunteer coordinators who happily guide our volunteers.
  • icon_books_orange An orientation session before diving into the wonderful work of the programs.
  • icon_fork_knife_orange Provision of clean, safe accommodation and daily meals.
  • icon_gear_orange On-the-job training.
  • icon_paper_orange Comprehensive public liability insurance.
  • icon_lines_orange Please review the individual program guidelines for specific details.

Volunteer Southern Africa is absolutely committed to responsible travel and environmentally responsible holidays. We strongly feel that a limited travel budget should not have to hold you back from seeing and experiencing the wonders of Africa.

If your urge to preserve is as strong as your desire to discover, join us. We will gladly facilitate this aspiration for you. In doing so, we’ll all be in the business of changing lives for the better. For more detailed information on each project, please feel free to contact us.

Who Volunteers

Please check out our wildlife conservational PROGRAMS


Gap year and students

A lot of students participate in volunteering projects, either during their holidays or as part of a gap year in Africa. It’s a great way to gain some practical experience while also exploring an exciting country!

Career breaks

Whether you are looking for an extended commitment to volunteering during a sabbatical or a holiday with a difference, volunteering can be a fantastic career break abroad, providing an eye-opening change from a 9-5 job.



Conservation is a team effort, so the projects are perfect for groups – whether you want to organise a field trip for school or university, an incentive experience for great employees or just go with a group of friends.


Volunteering is not just for youngsters – we have many retirees and mature volunteers join our projects. Chat to our team about which project suits you best.




Volunteering as a family is an amazing way to allow your kids to experience a different way of life and learn about South Africa’s wildlife, nature and culture by getting directly involved and making a worthwhile contribution.

Customized Experience

Customized Experience

If you are interested in doing more than just a volunteer program or an add on tour, let us know and we can develop a customized experience that will allow you to enjoy all that South Africa has to offer.

Health & safety

Volunteer Southern Africa offers a safe and secure environment for all our volunteers to encounter this amazing continent, Africa.

A few common Health & Safety questions:

Will the volunteers be met at the airport?
What happens if a volunteer gets ill?
Are volunteers able to communicate while at the projects?
Are there any hidden extras in the cost of a placement
Is Volunteer SA a Bona fide company


Canned lion hunting policy

Volunteer Southern Africa sees the care of all animals paramount. Therefore, we have not, do not, and will not ever, under any circumstances, support any facility that sells lions to the canned hunting industry, whether directly or indirectly. We will gladly investigate any and all claims of animal abuse or accusations that facilities we support are involved in. If it were to be discovered that one of our project locations is contributing in any sort of way to the atrociousness that is canned lion hunting, we would remove our company and our programs from the respective location effective immediately. Should you have any current proof that details any of our facilities working with, for, or in cooperation with the canned lion hunting industry, please reach out to us, as we would like to hear from you and subsequently take appropriate action.

Volunteer Southern Africa will continue to support the zero tolerance against animal abuse initiative and we vow to our volunteers that we will never associate them, as well as ourselves, with canned lion hunting.